"I used Eric Doud when purchasing my first investment property (a duplex) and the experience was fantastic! He is more than willing to provide information and advice when you are going through the home buying process. Eric helped me understand the numbers of the property as well the numbers/trends of the surrounding areas. He was patient with me and always answered the questions/concerns that I had. I was picky with the details of the house that I wanted to purchase and he was more than patient with me and helped me acquire exactly what I wanted! I've even called him up after my purchase and he is always willing to answer my questions and concerns. Eric is definitely someone I would recommend to work with."
- Nate McGee

"Highly knowledgeable realtor who always does his due diligence to support his client's interests throughout the whole process. He ensured that honest, professional and affordable individuals completed thorough inspections of the property as well as explained detail any causes for concern. His extensive real estate market knowledge and research enabled me to submit a fair offer to the seller and I couldn't be happier with my new home. Thank you so much!"
- Marie Cole

"Eric Doud is an outstanding Real Estate Agent and goes above and beyond in providing information and service. His overall dedication to ensuring you know comps and related market trends ensures you will have an informed decision when buying or selling a home. He is a no pressure agent and will ensure you achieve the best value in the market."
- Gil M.

"Outstanding Real Estate Agent. Took the time to go through all details related to selling my home. Explained local sales and comps, went through forecasting future home sale values, and explained different options for listing my home. Eric was extremely professional and took an incredible amount of time to ensure my home selling experience was smooth and well informed. I would highly recommend this real estate agent as he genuinely cares about you and will go above and beyond to meet your needs."
- Amymucke

"I have utilized Mr. Doud's services since 2010. He has always completed the job at or greater than my set expectations. I have called on him to assist me with plumbing help, drywall, paint, door installation, window installation, flooring, lighting, cabinet installation etc... He and his staff are always there on time with a smile on their face happy to be of assistance. I can't recommend him highly enough compared to some of the other contractors I attempted to use in the Hampton Roads area."
- User6414182

"Highly recommended Eric Doud. When I was in middle of selling my duplex in the local VA area as I had been recommended Eric's services in regards for his expertise in helping me along the selling process. Eric was very easy to communicate with in answering any questions that I may have had during the selling process. Includes negotiating and doing the work on pricing the property; helped in the paperwork and more paperwork translations; assisted in translating any real estate jargon; and ultimately was able to help guide and even teach the basics in terms of the selling process from start to finish in helping me sell my duplex. Definitely recommend Eric to others who are looking into selling their properties"
- Miermatt

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